LaVerne Griffin Camp waterfront rehab

We are in search of a small, moderately skilled team to provide some upgrades and rehab to our waterfront.  There is a 50’ beach waterfront on the 125-acre Kalmbach Lake.  We need to install a wooden retaining wall (or other suitable material) across the front edge of the beach area to contain the sand away from direct contact with the water’s edge and refill, as needed, the beach sand behind the retaining wall.  Cost of materials $1,200.00 for wood beams, crushed gravel, rebar and miscellaneous materials.  

Contact Information

Tracy Simmons


Provided by camp in cabins/bunk house style for teams who provide labor and resources.


Materials can be purchased and delivered or picked up at local home centers. Needed lumbar, gravel, rebar, misc. project materials. If possible: Bring personal tools/camp has some tools but not a fully equipped workshop.