There are two levels of training currently being offered that are detailed below.

All classes are certified by Fort Sherman Academyone of the largest providers in the world for travel safety courses, crime survival, crisis management instruction and high-risk hostage survival training to civilians and faith-based workers. They have have trained over 20,000 short and long-term missions personnel worldwide in courses varying from the most basic training to the most advanced to include full, practical exercises.

Experience continues to demonstrate that preparation and training can increase safety for individuals traveling with your organization, and can help guarantee the continuation of your ministry and outreach into the future.

Level A

This is the most basic training for the missions volunteer who travels occasionally to low risk areas on mission trips.

Participants will receive a full day of instruction led by Sentinel Trainers certified by Fort Sherman Academy covering topics like: travel safety, code of conduct, crime survival and basic crisis policy all from a faith-based perspective.

Cost is $45 per attendee (includes lunch and breaks). Reservations are non-refundable. All classes are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and include lunch with one exception.

Check the schedule of upcoming classes and register now.

Level B +

Four sessions of classroom instruction led by a recognized leader in faith-based training for missions organizations.

This level is designed for pastors, minister of missions, church staff, mission team leaders and other mission leaders who travel or lead mission teams to elevated risk locations. Sessions will cover travel safety, code of conduct, crime survival, dealing with unfriendly governments, detention and questioning. Role-play will be used.

Cost is $250 per attendee (includes materials, lunch and breaks). Reservations are non-refundable.

Check the schedule of upcoming classes and register now.