On Mission Connections

Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, through the office of Global Missions, has accepted the challenge to revive the missions educational event of On Mission Connection for our Alabama Baptist Associations. We believe the story of missions must be shared with all our churches to help these churches to be engaged in praying, giving, and going in partnership with our Alabama Baptist Missionaries in Alabama, North America, and the International fields. This is the Alabama Acts 1:8 Connections missions strategy.

Our challenge is to accommodate all the OMC’s requests from our associations, and we believe we can support four to six associational OMC events per calendar year. We are committed to serve and assist the associations for the year of 2021 who complete their request and email them to Barbara Hope at bhope@alsbom.org. The OMC request must be in the Global Missions Office at least one year before your OMC. Two years would give the association more time to plan and prepare for their OMC.

What is an On Mission Connection?

  • An association-wide event involving missionaries from Alabama serving with the International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, State missionaries, Associational missionaries and SBOM Church Planters enlisted by the local association.
  • An associational mission awareness strategy implemented in partnership with the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions.

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More than just an event, an OMC introduces participants to our Alabama missionaries serving around the world, highlighting the continuing missions opportunities and needs of Southern Baptists. Participants are encouraged to examine their personal on-mission commitments in a festive and energetic atmosphere.

OMC’s are customized for churches and associations. An OMC can be scheduled as an associational wide event, as a regional event hosted by one church, or by a group of churches cooperating together. An OMC is typically a one day to a weekend event or can be any associational missions awareness event such as a missions fair or mission banquet that awakens Christians to find their strategic place in missions.

What is the purpose of an OMC?

An OMC is designed to inspire and mobilize participants to intentionally celebrate God’s activity in the world, anticipate their role in God’s missions, and participate by making a commitment to be on mission with God.

Why should my church conduct an OMC?

  • An OMC builds relationships between church members and Alabama /Southern Baptist Missionaries.
  • It emphasizes the biblical basis for missions.
  • It leads churches to broaden their missions’ commitment to the Great Commission and Alabama ACTS 1:8 Connections.
  • It encourages churches to strengthen their missions giving, Cooperative Program, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, and the Myers/Mallory State Missions offering.
  • An OMC can inspire a deeper commitment to pray for missions and missionaries.
  • An OMC can help lead churches to reevaluate their methods of church-wide mission awareness and mobilization.

Contacts for OMC:

Reggie Quimby, Global Missions Mobilization Specialist
rquimby@alsbom.org | toll-free 800-264-1225, ext. 239 | direct 334-613-2239.

Barbara Hope, Ministry Assistant 
bhope@alsbom.org | toll-free 800-264-1225, ext. 238 | direct 334-613-2238.