How to Connect with Your Partners

In ALL connecting points, be sure to follow security information provided by your partners!  If you have multiple partners, follow individual security information.

Communicate with your partner family

  • Ask how you should identify them to your group
  • Learn about security needs – what you should/should not write and say about them and their work
  • Learn as much as you can about them – be interested in them
  • Ask to be put on their newsletter list and/or get info about blogs, websites, etc. and find protocol for sharing information
  • Educate members of your group to understand the need for security and the preferred means for communication
  • Learn about the IMB’s Affinity Groups and where your partners fit in with these


  • Share all updates in worship services, small groups (Sunday School, missions organizations, etc.) and if possible in publications and websites. Use caution when publishing names and locations of partners
  • Pray for personal needs of family
  • Pray for request related to work needs, relationships
  • Pray for the Believers with whom they work and those who are not believers
  • Encouragement
  • Send notes to each and all family members being very positive and encourage in all areas
  • Call/Skype them
  • Send ‘care’ packages – if possible – to their field of service
  • Remember Birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions and send messages, cards and/or gifts when possible
  • When they come home for stateside, visit them, send notes, call to check on them
  • Invite them to visit you and share with your group

Culture Information

  • Learn about the culture of their place of service –language, geography, religions, housing, transportation, what kind of work do the people do
  • Research the People Group with whom they work
  • Use resources like a) a book about World Religions b) Operation World, with prayer needs for every country
  • Find information about the country/area where they live (Lonely Planet travel books are great, online resources are also good)
  • Look for people in your community who are from the same area

When you and your partner are ready for a project/visit to their location

  • Talk with your partner(s) about what is needed and how you can help. Remember that you need to support their work and fulfill their strategy.
  • Make a travel plan and budget
  • Be sure to check on the need for visas, their cost and turn-around time
  • Decide who should go, not who wants to go
    All team members who travel, must:
  • Participate in Level A Security training (Check with Global Missions Office)
  • Watch Child Protection Video (provided by IMB)
  • Have a current Background Check
  • Completed a Volunteer Information Form

Help in planning your trip and in the trainings and orientation is available with the Global Missions Office of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions (SBOM).



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