Kake Baptist Mission

We do Sunday morning and evening services, a mid-week Bible study on Wednesday nights, and I do a daily Monday through Friday devotional on Facebook live. Things I’m praying about doing include:  a once-per-month Christian movie night with a short devotion at the beginning, doing a men’s and a women’s prayer breakfast once each week, starting some kind of counseling program for multiple community needs including bereavement, marital counseling, substance abuse, and other needs. I’d also like to start a trash pick up ministry, where we would go picking up trash around town and on the local beaches on at least a weekly basis. I’m interested in starting an adult literacy program through the church. I’d like to have a once-per-month service at the local Senior Citizens Center. These are just a few of the ministries we are, or would like to get started here at Kake Baptist Mission. My source of income right now is through my job as a teacher at the local school. And my wife works as a teacher’s aide.  Any work you would like to come along and do with me, will be greatly appreciated.  

Our financial needs here at Kake Baptist Mission include, but are not necessarily limited to, our monthly building rent of $1,000, our monthly utilities ranging from $500-900 per month depending on heating fuel costs, and other operating expenses arising from time to time. Any financial sponsorship considerations would be greatly appreciated.

Contact Information

Dr. Frank Hopkins