LaVerne Griffin Camp summer cabin retrofit for winter use

Need a small, skills-oriented team to provide the labor and resources/material.  We have 4 cabins approx. 12×18 and a summer missionary staff quarter, sleeps up to 6 people, good for summer but needs to be good for winter.  Need to increase our winter area by two dozen bed capacity and better space for summer missionaries. Outdoor cabins need to be cleared of debris, any old insulation, and new weatherproof insulation added either by foam spray or foam board.  Once underside is insulated, a vapor barrier needs to be installed over the insulation.  The interior ceiling of the cabins could be insulated and then covered with sheet rock or sheet ply.  Removal of old carpet, repair of subfloor if needed and new waterproof flooring installed.  Cabins have standard electrical service but needs 120v electric wall heater with integrated thermostat installed, preferably with a fan for air movement.  Rough estimate for each cabin retrofit is a maximum of $1,500.00, some less than others.  

Contact Information

Tracy Simmons


Provided onsite by camp in cabin/bunk style


Supplies can be acquired in state and delivered to location or picked up at nearby home centers. If possible: Bring personal tools/camp has some tools but not fully equipped workshop.