Travelers’ Shield

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The State Board of Missions offers to mission volunteers the option to participate in a contingency support program through a partnership with Travelers’ Shield.  TRAVELERS’ SHIELD, an emergency travel support and crisis contact service,, is provided by request for all teams who have completed minimum security training (at least Sentinel Level A—see and other requirements  (see below).

The TRAVELERS’ SHIELD Services provides the following:

  • 24/7 First Response phone contact for your volunteers on the field should they have a travel crisis. Provides access to emergency travel support and crisis contact services.
  • Forwarding of pertinent, current intelregarding countries where your team will travel
  • Access to the SBOM Crisis Action Team.  The CAT will activate should we be notified of an incident involving a Travelers’ Shield team member whether criminal, hostile government, natural disaster, or medical.  The CAT members assist individual(s) involved in the crisis, media, family, governments, and others who may be involved in resolving the situation.

Requirements for volunteers to participate in TRAVELERS’ SHIELD coverage through the SBOM:

  • All volunteers must register online with TRAVELERS’ SHIELD and complete a volunteer information form supplied by either their sending church, association, SBOM entity and/or the Global Missions Office of the SBOM.
  • All volunteers must have a current background check (certified document) on file with their sending church, association or SBOM.
  • All volunteers must have primary health coverage, plus trip insurance that includes secondary health coverage.
  • All volunteers must view the IMB Child Protection video and its certification by sending organization.
  • All volunteers must have a Contingent Temporary Guardianship in effect designating the person or persons who will act as guardians of minor children should the legal guardian become incapacitated. It is also strongly recommended that each volunteer have an updated Last Will and Testament and a Contingent Power of Attorney.

All volunteers must complete the following security training:

  • Sentinel Level A training (6-7 hours; $45 fee) provided by certified trainer, scheduled through the Global Missions Office. This certification is good for two years. Registration and training dates can be found at
  • If you are unable to complete Sentinel Level A training before your departure date, you may complete generic web-based training (2-3 hours; $25 fee). It is good for one year and cannot be repeated.
  • Note: Qualifying training (B+ or greater) above Sentinel Level A satisfies your Level A training requirement.

For more information about TRAVELERS’ SHIELD or to register your group, contact Angie Williams at, direct 334-613-2373 or toll free 1-800-264-1225, ext. 373.