Vital Training for Mission Trips

During recent months, your State Board of Missions has been sponsoring numerous opportunities for mission trip volunteers to receive Faith Focused Safe Travel (FFST) Training , which prepares one to travel internationally in a safer, more secure fashion.

Thanks to Audrey who attended a recent FFST training event at Westmeade Baptist Church in Decatur. She sent us an email commending the event as valuable and, with her permission, I am sharing her comments here:

AUDREY: The FFST training was invaluable, and I feel equipped, prepared and better able to anticipate potential challenges. The instructors from Fort Sherman were outstanding, the layout for the course was excellent and the time dedicated to the training was more than adequate. Although I hope the occasion never arises when I have to put this knowledge to practice, there is now a sense of readiness that settles those anxious thoughts that arise concerning the “what ifs” that may happen during travel related to international missions.

I came away from the training thanking the Lord for covering my ignorance all these years that I have been on mission trips with no training — and praising Him that I have now been made more ready for the future.

The training also made me realize the importance of having every member of a mission team trained. I would want to travel with people who are equipped and trained in order to avoid compromising the security of the rest of the mission team.

I have already spoken to my Sunday School class about this training and sent emails to family and friends who may need the training. I have also spoken with our church’s worship leader who is very interested in having the adult choir participate in this training before they go on a planned mission trip next year.

Again, thank you for having the foresight to schedule these training sessions and for leading Alabama Baptists in this direction.

For more information about upcoming FFST training, please go online to

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